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Manhattan, New York medical malpractice attorneys who deliver results, win big cases for clients

Mistakes made by doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other medical professionals often have dire consequences. Life-threatening illnesses go untreated. The wrong medication may be administered, causing serious side effects. Surgical errors cause permanent health problems.

Knowing what to do after a serious or fatal medical emergency can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you’re not alone. You have access to an accomplished Chicago medical malpractice lawyer with a track record of success. You have the Fred Jeankins Law Firm, PLLC on your side.

Located in Chicago and serving families throughout Massachusetts, attorney Jeankins and his team of talented attorneys, nurses and investigators have handled a wide range of major medical malpractice cases. We’re proud of our verdicts and settlements and we’re eager to help you. Our firm’s case results speak volumes. In 2014, attorney Jeankins obtained one of the greatest medical malpractice verdicts in the United States for that year. A jury awarded more than $12 million in a case involving brain damage caused by delayed treatment.